How to Install Share Buttons on Squarespace

By July 25, 2017

Squarespace is a popular drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to build a professional website without coding. It’s a powerful tool that provides many integrations and features, including support for Apple News and integrated marketing tools for all publishers using its functionality. Squarespace is currently the 10th most commonly used CMS platform with over 1,000,000 paying customers.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps needed to add ShareThis share buttons on your Squarespace website.

1. Open your ShareThis account and go down to Property Settings.

2. Copy the general code for Sticky or Inline share buttons.

3. Then log into your Squarespace account and go into Settings.

4. Scroll down and click on Advanced.

5. From the list of options, click on Code Injection.

6. Paste the code for the share buttons in the header field and click on Save.

7. Go back to your ShareThis account and open Property Settings. One of the fields at the top will say that ShareThis was unable to verify your website. Please ensure that sharethis.js is copied to the header of your site. As you’ve done it already, click on Verify Manually.

8. Enter the URL of your Squarespace website.

9. Allow a few seconds for verification to complete. Once done, share buttons will appear on your website.

Adding social features like share buttons will help visitors share your blog posts on their own, further increasing the reach of your website. It will also save users time of manually opening their social profiles to copy and paste links. If they think your content is interesting, they can quickly click on a button and voila – it’s shared!

By installing ShareThis buttons you’re able to have social sharing buttons on your Squarespace website in a few easy steps.