How to Install Share Buttons on BigCommerce

By July 17, 2018

BigCommerce is a simple yet intuitive ecommerce platform that helps users sell more online. Their interface allows anyone on the web to make a website to further empower their brand. By adding share buttons onto your BigCommerce website, you’re unlocking the power of social sharing!

Step 1: Login to your BigCommerce account then go to StoreFront → Script Manager.

Step 2: Now head to your ShareThis platform.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here:
If you have, go into your settings and copy your code form here:

Step 3: Create a new script in BigCommerce

Head back to your BigCommerce account and create a new script within “Script Manager”. Within the “Script Contents” section paste the ShareThis javascript that you copied in the last step. Once the unique code is pasted, click save.

Step 4: Customize your buttons as you want.

Now head back into the ShareThis platform and customize your share buttons to your liking. Once finished, activate the settings and copy the code:

Step 5: Add the Inline Buttons code

Add the code you just copied anywhere you want them to be displayed.

1. Going to StoreFront → Script Manager → Web Pages through your left sidebar.
2. Scroll down to Web Page Details.
3. Click on the HTML icon as shown in the image below.

d. Add your object where you want it to be displayed. Code for the Inline Share Buttons: