Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress

Visualize how your audience is engaging with your content directly from your WordPress dashboard. 

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Visitor Trends

Dive deeper into your website’s page views, users, pages per session, and bounce rate for the past 7 days as compared to the previous 7 days

Traffic Sources

Discover which 5 traffic sources are driving the most visitors to your website

Top Pages

Stay updated on your 10 most viewed pages


Overall site performance (past 7/30 days)
Top 10 page views (past 7/30 days)
Authenticate your Google Analytics account and exclude irrelevant traffic

Add To Your Site In 2 Easy Steps

Download the plugin

Log into Google and select the required website

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Instructions

Install ShareThis Google Analytics Dashboard just like any other plugin. Simply download the file directly from this page or search for us in the WordPress directory and click “Install”. After you install and activate the plugin, simply configure your buttons and create an account.

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