Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need help configuring ShareThis tools on your website? Here are some common issues you may encounter while installing our tools and how to resolve them.

Why I am not able to add my domain?

When entering your website URL, do not include https:// at the beginning nor a slash (e.g., at the end of your domain. You can simply enter your URL as follows:

Why is the Platform unable to verify my website or domain?

Sometimes, it may take 5 to 10 minutes to verify the domain. However, it should not impact the functionality of your ShareThis tools the buttons. 

Alternatively, you can also manually activate the installation code and verify your website by following these steps:

1. Click on the Activate Code button within your verification banner in the top right hand corner of your ShareThis dashboard.
2. Select Activate! button

Please be aware that some website builders may use iframes to embed the ShareThis’ script into your website. Due to the way iframes are designed, the code snippet could be unreachable which means we may not be able to verify your domain in the ShareThis Platform but the tools should still work on your website.

If the script code is inserted in the <body>, instead of the <head> of your website (by a website builder or by mistake), the ShareThis Platform also won’t be able to verify your domain.

How do I install/display tools only on specific pages?

If you only want to use Sticky Share Buttons on your page, add the general domain of your website in the ShareThis Platform (e.g., copy the script code from the platform, and paste it ONLY on the page you want the ShareThis tool to appear.grow

If you have multiple tools on your website and would like to display some tools only on specific sub-directories or paths, you can create a specific property for a specific path (e.g. in the platform. This way, each directory will have different configurations which you can manage from the same dashboard. To add a new domain, go to your Platform Settings, scroll down to Domains, and click Add new domain.

If you are using our Video or Image Share Buttons, you can use our Omit Class feature to stop them from showing on specific images or videos. For more information, we encourage you to check our support article How to Use the “Omit Class” Feature.

Why aren’t my buttons appearing?

After you’ve completed installing, we recommend waiting for 3 to 5 minutes so the buttons can be properly loaded onto your website. Please keep in mind that your button configurations are sent from our servers, which is why the buttons may take a few minutes to work. Once a connection has been made, you shouldn’t have this issue moving forward.

That said, there could be a few reasons why the buttons are not appearing, including:

  • If your <div> tag is nested within many HTML elements, the parent element properties may prevent the inline tools from showing up. We do not recommend placing the <div> tag within multiple HTML elements.
  • There is limited space in the container where the buttons are being displayed. To fix this, you may need to check the CSS properties of the share buttons and modify the container’s size (width) accordingly. Also, if the container has a Flex property, the number of buttons shown may be limited if there isn’t enough space, so you will also need to modify the container’s size (width).
  • If the container where the buttons are placed doesn’t load or exist when the page finishes loading, you will need to reinitialize the buttons. For more information, check out our support guide here.
Why aren’t my buttons sharing the correct information?

If your site is in a local/test environment or if it’s password-protected, the Facebook Crawler (and other platforms) will not be able to access the pages so some information (e.g., title, description, and thumbnail image) may not display or trigger an error when sharing.

If you’re looking to customize the title, description, image, or URL that’s displayed when a user shares content on your website, check out the following support guides:

Also, please know that when using Open Graph Tags, some social channels may have a 24-hour update period to refresh their data about your site, and using a debugger forces the crawler to scrape the content again so you don’t have to wait this time.

How can I further customize the appearance of ShareThis tools?

There are many customization options for ShareThis tools. However, some users may prefer to use custom CSS styles. You can apply CSS styles on ShareThis tools by referencing them by their HTML class or ID. See the chart below to reference the tool with its respective CSS Class.

ToolCSS Class
Sticky Share Buttons.sharethis-sticky-share-button
Inline Share Buttons.sharethis-inline-share-buttons
Follow Buttons.sharethis-inline-follow-buttons
Reaction Buttons.sharethis-inline-reaction-buttons
Video Share
Image Share

For more information on our platform, check out our support guide: