ShareThis Vs. AddThis

With tools that are always free, customizable, privacy compliant, and designed with your audience in mind, ShareThis is the simplest way to have it all. See for yourself:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AddThis?

AddThis is a website marketing tool service that is geared towards a wide range of content creators, from expert digital marketers to beginning bloggers. In addition to providing comparable social sharing tools to its competitors, AddThis has also made available a highly-sophisticated AI platform that is designed to deliver audience insights. Over the past 10 years, AddThis has amassed a large following of users, comprised of 15 million+ sites.

How does AddThis work?

AddThis’s centerpiece offering is its social share buttons that represent a staggering 200+ social networks, including all of the most influential platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Users can choose from four customizable icon displays, such as ‘Floating Bar,’ ‘Image Sharing,’ ‘Expanding,’ and ‘Inline.’ Once the user selects the layout that best suits their site, they can then activate the social share button.

The service requires a sign-up and registration process to access its offerings. After this has been completed, users can then take advantage of its other marketing tools, including the follow buttons, link promotions, list building for email backend connections, and an automated related posts tool.

In addition to those features, AddThis also provides AddThis Analytics to measure success and conversion rates, a variety of CMS plugins and apps, and email integrations for more optimized campaigns. Following sign-up and installation, features can be activated and deactivated depending upon users’ current needs.

How much does AddThis cost?

AddThis no longer requires any payment or commitment for its signature service. Users can sign up and enjoy all of its tools, plus 24/7 customer service, completely free of charge. Enterprise users representing large businesses that need higher-volume or customized services are asked to contact AddThis’s Customer Experience team for a quote. The Enterprise plan includes custom design support, white glove service, and priority support.

What do customers and reviewers say about AddThis?

Generally speaking, AddThis has a solid reputation on review boards, with a number of users praising the free service’s flexibility and general ease of integration. One user said that they were particularly impressed by the service’s branded Analytics tools.

On the other hand, a number of customers report that AddThis falls short in the areas of customization and design. One user writes that, although AddThis has “many options to choose from for their tools,” they wish “there were more types of buttons and more options to customize the colors, size, layout and types of buttons.” Another user wishes that there were more background images offered instead of the “young and hip.”

What is the difference between ShareThis and AddThis?

Though the names of these services may sound similar, ShareThis and AddThis are very different from one another. Both are known for being reliable and offering great customer service, but ShareThis is focused in leading the market in audience engagement.

Each day, ShareThis processes terabytes of data to better understand the movements of Internet users so that it can provide the smartest tools built to target ever-changing audiences. Its highly-customizable and adaptable social share buttons can be integrated into almost all sites following a seconds-long registration process.

For content gurus focused on both ease of use and less audience research guesswork, ShareThis is the most fitting tool available today.