ShareThis Vs. AddToAny

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AddToAny?

AddToAny is a wholly uncomplicated approach to the social sharing button. The service is proud to have the designation of the “first universal sharing platform”; it launched all the way back in 2006 and has continued to adapt its functions to support customization across a wide variety of platforms.

How does AddToAny work?

AddToAny gives users the power to include share buttons on a long list of platforms, including WordPress, Drupal, Tumblr, Blogger, custom-built sites, and even on email services. The installation processes differ depending upon the specifics of the user’s established platform. Additionally, the service does not require registration of any kind from the user.

All prospective users can visit the AddToAny site and click the ‘Get’ button; there, they will be met with a list of content management systems and an email option. Once the corresponding platform is selected, the user is then taken through an installation process. For WordPress, for instance, users can access AddToAny’s tools by simply visiting the plugin function and typing in ‘addtoany’. From there, the service will be immediately activated.

After the installation process is complete, users can then explore AddToAny’s features, including its signature Google Analytics integration, share counters, floating share bars, and light-weight codes which support cross-browser compatibility. AddToAny also touts a number of adjustable features, including unique custom share and custom icon buttons.

How much does AddToAny cost?

Like a number of its competitors, AddToAny is completely free and requires no sign-up or registration process from the user.

What do customers and reviewers say about AddToAny?

Because AddToAny is a pioneer in the social sharing space, the service has a large legion of users that have been making the most of its free services for years. Most all users applaud the service for offering up reliable social sharing functions so consistently. One reviewer loves that they are not required to open “a new program or a new app or a new browser window to get content into an email.”

Although reviews are generally positive across the board, it’s not difficult to find some that complain of the “outdated” and “spammy” looks of AddToAny’s user interface. One reviewer fears that this design flaw can lower confidence in audiences, thus making them reluctant to interact with the buttons.

A WordPress user agrees that the service’s functions are on point and “neatly organized,” but for some, it may be too simplistic of an option, particularly for those who crave visual customization.

What is the difference between ShareThis and AddToAny?

ShareThis and AddToAny provide a similar service in terms of function; both specialize in the creation and management of social share buttons, all at no cost to the customer. That said, while their aims may be aligned, their approaches do differ.

As mentioned, AddToAny has been a successful trailblazer in its space, making way for social sharing services far and wide, but its features are not as user-friendly or cutting-edge as the ones offered by ShareThis. ShareThis’s social sharing buttons are designed for adaptive placement that can be altered as easily as it can be added. It allows users to choose from a long list of 25 channels and works with existing platforms for simple sizing, placement, color, and language options that can be executed in minutes.

While both services are known for their reliability and unbeatable free offerings for today’s content gurus, ShareThis is a comprehensive tool that has improved upon the original social sharing model.