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With tools that are always free, customizable, privacy compliant, and designed with your audience in mind, ShareThis is the simplest way to have it all. See for yourself:

Frequently Asked Questions

What distinguishes ShareThis’s tools from other social sharing tools?

ShareThis’s consumer engagement and sharing tools are used by more than three million publishers to drive engagement and personalization and grow traffic, but ShareThis isn’t the only company offering social sharing tools. That said, ShareThis is a product-focused organization with an engineering culture at its core, uniquely positioning the company to meet the unique needs of today’s publishers.

ShareThis is a market leader in audience engagement, processing terabytes of data every single day to gain a deeper understanding into audiences across the Internet. ShareThis leverages these deep insights to build better, more useful, smarter tools to help publishers more effectively target and engage their audiences across every leading social media network and beyond.

What are the major alternatives to ShareThis?

There are several alternatives to ShareThis, but none can compete with the user-friendly experience and robust audience engagement tools offered by ShareThis. Here’s a closer look at a few well-known alternatives:

Check out the comparison pages above for a detailed look at how ShareThis compares to similar companies – and find out why ShareThis is the leading choice for audience engagement.

How does ShareThis stack up to competitors?

ShareThis provides a user-friendly experience, offering cutting-edge tools that are easy to customize and implement in just minutes – entirely free of charge. ShareThis’s social sharing and follow buttons offer endless customization options, allowing publishers to create a seamless aesthetic to blend with any website design. Easy-to-use design options allow users to select alignment, labeling, button size, colors, and other elements for a completely custom design. While some ShareThis alternatives offer customization options, they fall short of the complete customization and ease of use only ShareThis can offer.

Does ShareThis provide customizable share and follow buttons?

ShareThis’s lightweight, customizable social media share buttons are available from over 20 of the most popular social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg, and more. They’re mobile-optimized, so they’ll look great on any website and any device – and, you can select from nine different languages to ensure that they’ll fit right in. ShareThis’s lightning-fast follow buttons can be installed in just three simple steps and can be customized with bold, eye-catching colors, and you can change their shape to make them completely your own.  

What additional tools does ShareThis offer?

ShareThis doesn’t stop at offering simple, design-friendly social media share buttons and social media follow buttons. ShareThis also offers a robust suite of tools for publishers, including:

Every one of these tools can be configured in minutes, meaning publishers can be up and running in no time. No ShareThis competitor offers a comparable set of tools perfectly catered to the challenges facing today’s bloggers, publishers, and creators. Whether you need to grow your email marketing list, boost social shares, grow your social media following, or keep regulatory compliance in check, ShareThis’s robust suite of tools makes it easy and affordable.