ShareThis Vs. Shareaholic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shareaholic?

Shareaholic is a “content amplification service” which is designed to help promote content, increase page views through curated recommended content tips, analyze content views, and personalize native ads, affiliate links, and more. The service also features a number of share button options, including design customization and placement.

How does Shareaholic work?

Unlike some of its competitors, Shareaholic offers a number of apps that, together, serve as a comprehensive marketing tool kit made to streamline the sharing of content across a variety of unique platforms. The service achieves this by making available three separate functions within the same installation: 1) share buttons for simple social media account displays, 2) a related/promoted content app that gives audiences automatic suggestions, and 3) website monetization apps that post ads to sites and even handle all payment information through Shareaholic’s advertising units.

Shareaholic requires new users to go through a sign-up process. When that is completed, users will then be asked to add their sites to the new Shareaholic account before installing the specialized software. Installation instructions vary depending upon the specific platform used, but WordPress and Drupal users can take advantage of dedicated plugins that automatically install and configure Shareaholic.

Once Shareaholic has been installed and verified by the user, they can then begin using one or all of the apps mentioned above. Share buttons can be customized using floated and in-line design features, related/promoted content displays can be modified, and website monetization tools can be deployed.

How much does Shareaholic cost?

Shareaholic offers a range of different pricing options to fit the specific needs of a user. Its ‘Forever Free’ plan is recommended for beginners and includes all Shareaholic apps, unlimited page views, 30 days of Analytics data storage, ad monetization tools, browser extensions, and standard support.

Users who require more comprehensive features can select from the paid plans which come in three categories: ‘Professional’ ($8/month), ‘Team’ ($40/month), and ‘Enterprise’ ($500/month). The ‘Professional’ and ‘Team’ options give users more in the way of pro site profiles, Analytics data storage, URL shortening tools, and team member additions. The ‘Enterprise’ selection provides users with a custom package of features that is overseen by a dedicated account manager.

What do customers and reviewers say about Shareaholic?

Since this content amplification service is one that offers a range of features at multiple levels of financial commitment, the reviews vary greatly. For instance, one Shareaholic customer and reviewer took to G2 Crowd to laud the service’s social share functions, but readily admitted that its related content links leave much to be desired. The user complains that many of its automated third-party suggestions post content links that do not fit with their brand, and some are even of very poor quality.

Another user wrote a recent review that calls out Shareaholic for allowing its support functions to go downhill. The user says that their help tickets have not been answered and that they are even experiencing trouble receiving payments from the monetized tools.

What is the difference between ShareThis and Shareaholic?

In some ways, ShareThis and Shareaholic cannot be fairly compared, as Shareaholic offers certain monetization and advertising tools in which ShareThis does not specialize. That said, both services do provide social share buttons.

In terms of flexibility and creativity, ShareThis has Shareaholic beat. ShareThis allows users endless customization options for their social share buttons, including classic share buttons, 25 follow buttons that represent the most widely-used social media platforms in the world, and even customizable reaction buttons that are built to elicit interaction from visitors. In this area, Shareaholic’s two in-line and floating share button options pale in comparison.

For content makers, business owners, and influencers who need creative, fully streamlined, and reliable social share, follow, and reaction buttons, ShareThis is the service to beat. It’s a comprehensive choice that helps drive traffic in the simplest, most expressive ways possible.