ShareThis Vs. Social9

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social9?

Social9 is a social sharing plugin-builder that specializes in the creation and management of the “most simplified social share widget on the market.” Since first launched back in 2012, the San Francisco-based company’s signature social share widget has been running on over 350,000 websites and reaches an estimated 150 million users per month worldwide.

How does Social9 work?

When visiting the Social9 website, users are met with a ‘Get FREE Share Buttons’ clickable link that ushers them to a list of 19 different web content management systems, including WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Magneto, Shopify, and ZenCart. The specialized widget can be added to sites, mobile apps, and newsletters. In addition to the branded platforms, Social9 also allows users to select from a ‘Code your own’ option, which specifically caters to customized frameworks.

Once one platform system is selected, the user is then directed to a page that reveals an installation guide. For WordPress, for instance, the user learns that Social9 can be downloaded, then opened in the WordPress Plugin Directory or in the Open Social Share plugin section of the dashboard.

As soon as the download has finalized and the plugin has been activated, the user has the option to select, place, and customize the appearances of the desired widgets within the Social Sharing tab. The Social9 plugin supports WordPress Multisite, as well as 50+ social networks, including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and more.

How much does Social9 cost?

Not unlike a bulk of its competitors, Social9 provides a completely cost-free service to its clients. The company maintains that the social share widget is “free forever.” Users are granted unlimited downloads across platforms.

What do customers and reviewers say about Social9?

As with many Internet-based offerings, Social9’s reviews run the gamut, but most users who were initially in search of a ‘plug-and-play’ approach are generally happy with the social share widget. A number of users report an “easy install” as well as a “sleek, user-friendly design.” Other users laud the company for providing “great customer support” both prior to installation and during the use phases.

On the other hand, there is also a camp of customers and reviewers that take issue with a number of Social9’s functions and claims. The WordPress Social Share Forum reveals frustration, particularly coming from those who use the widget in more sophisticated contexts.

For instance, one reviewer bemoaned the fact that Social9 is “buggy.” This person relies on an accurate ‘Times Shared Counter,’ but has found there to be some troubling inconsistencies in the reported counts. Additionally, one LoginRadius user experienced great trouble when attempting to place the buttons in the desired positions. The user states that it’s difficult to economically position these buttons in such a way that their social counters don’t overlap.

What is the difference between ShareThis and Social9?

While both ShareThis and Social9 are designed to drive traffic to their users’ chosen platforms, whether they be social media, apps, or traditional websites, ShareThis provides a more comprehensive approach to its competitor, specifically in the way of customization.

ShareThis comes equipped with an intuitive design option which can be easily-accessed right on its desktop site. There, users can choose from 25 of the most widely-used social network sites. They can then add these buttons—even the full 25, if necessary—all in one shot, while simultaneously selecting important design options, such as alignment, labeling, size, color, and more. This is a time-saving, cornerstone feature that Social9 cannot offer its users.

It’s just one example of the many ways in which ShareThis promotes comprehensive customization over its competitor’s draw of “simplicity.” ShareThis is a complete and flexible choice for serious web designers, business owners, and influencers who are working to expand their customer base on their own terms.